Project Genesis

This was the official website for Project Genesis: A New Tale Of The Beginning. A short film by the Italian director and filmmaker Alessio Fava.
Rumors swirled after Alessio Fava posted an enigmatic, and very well-produced teaser, where the protagonists are Macintoshes. The Project Genesis was scheduled to hit theaters in October 2012.
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Fava writes:

A world populated only by computers that has always looked at our world with resignation and great sense of survival. Their structure, indeed, has always limited their development making even the simplest actions difficult. Today an extraordinary project is about to see the light, clearing new unexpected ways: the world of computers becomes more accessible, simpler, within the reach of everybody.

A very clever twist on the Beginning Of It All.


Published on Jul 23, 2012



Project Genesis is the new original short film created in Italy that overturns not only the history of the Mac, but also that of humanity. At first he was not the man but the Mac: the computers to solve elementary issues such as displacement and charging have also invented the human assistant.

In the original short film Project Genesis produced in Milan the story of the Mac and also that of humanity are completely reversed. At first he was not the man, but the Mac: a planet inhabited only by different Apple computer models of the past, all rendered in the video thanks to some brief filming sequences with real machines but mostly through long and successful animation in computer graphics.

The Genesis Project protagonists are so Apple II, Apple Lisa, several generations of the Mac but the general assembly of the computer is controlled by an Apple I. In the video, however, no system is described by its real name: all computers were in fact created by the legendary Acme. In this perfect scenario but also bleak, men were invented as personal assistants, needed to solve the most simple tasks, and more humble in which the machines, however, are poorly brought by constitution move from room to room and move outdoors , to avoid the damage of a sudden rain, provide power and to recharge the batteries.

It has a certain effect observe the presentation of Human part of the creative machine, a sequence reminiscent of the keynote and the launch of the Apple products. The short film Project Genesis is a recommended viewing for all Apple fans and even for computer enthusiasts and technology in general: it is not surprising that it is reported by Cult of Mac . It 'was produced thanks to the collaboration of the Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan and several other of Milan society is directed by Alessio Fava


More Background On Project Genesis

"Project Genesis" is a fascinating short film that delves into an alternate reality where the world is inhabited solely by old Macintosh computers. Directed by Milan-based Alessio Fava, the film presents a unique twist on the concept of creation and innovation, portraying a scenario where these computers undertake the task of launching the human race as their new product. This imaginative narrative flips the script on traditional Apple launches, famously known for their innovative gadgets introduced by a CEO akin to Steve Jobs, and instead, showcases computers seeking to enhance their mobility and access to power outlets by creating humans.

Alessio Fava, primarily known for his work as a commercials director in Italy, showcases his creative flair and storytelling prowess in this short film. "Project Genesis" stands out not only for its inventive premise but also for its technical execution, employing stop-motion animation to bring this alternate world to life. After the success of this project, Fava expanded his directorial ventures into feature films, notably creating "Yuri Esposito."

The film's concept is both humorous and thought-provoking, inviting viewers to ponder the relationship between humans and technology, especially in a world dominated by Apple's technological ecosystem. The role reversal serves as a commentary on dependency and innovation, where machines, in their quest for advancement, end up mirroring human desires for creation and improvement.

"Project Genesis" has intrigued and entertained audiences with its sharp, allegorical narrative, and has been recognized for its creativity and technical skill in animation. It is a must-watch for those interested in animation, technology, and speculative fiction, offering a fresh perspective on the dynamics between humans and the technology they create.

For more detailed information and insights into "Project Genesis," its thematic elements, and its reception, you can explore the discussions and reviews on sites like Kuriositas, FilmsShort, and Laughing Squid. These platforms provide a deeper dive into the film's narrative intricacies, its conceptual underpinnings, and the creative vision of Alessio Fava, further enriching the viewing experience for audiences curious about this unique short film.


"Project Genesis" has garnered attention and interest from various platforms and events, indicating its reach and popularity within the short film and animation communities. While specific viewership numbers or widespread popularity metrics are not readily available, the film's inclusion and discussion on notable websites and its presentation at film festivals offer insights into its reception and appeal.

Kuriositas, a site known for exploring intriguing and unusual content, lists "Project Genesis" among its articles, suggesting the film's creative premise and execution have made it a subject of interest for audiences seeking innovative and thought-provoking animations. The platform's focus on unique stories and projects aligns well with the film's imaginative take on technology and creation, hinting at its popularity among niche audiences interested in speculative fiction and technology-themed narratives.

Additionally, the Brussels Short Film Festival, an event that showcases a diverse range of short films from around the world, included "Project Genesis" in its selection. This inclusion indicates the film's recognition within the film festival circuit, providing it with a platform for international exposure and critique. Film festivals play a crucial role in bringing independent and short films to wider audiences, and their selection process often highlights works that demonstrate creativity, artistic merit, and storytelling prowess.

These appearances and discussions underscore "Project Genesis'" appeal to both specialized audiences interested in animation and technology, as well as to the broader film community seeking fresh voices and ideas in short filmmaking. While direct measures of popularity are challenging to quantify for independent short films, the engagement from specialized platforms and inclusion in film festivals are positive indicators of its reception and impact.



Published on Jul 25, 2014
Did Macintosh create men?


So did did Macintosh create men? My co workers and I are part of an app custom software development team and spent our lunch break discussing just that question in a "tongue in cheek" manner of speaking. Well, what can you expect with a company culture in which there are no closed doors, and no scheduled office hours. Instead, we are supposed to be a self-managed and self motivated team that always looks for new chances to improve our efficiency. And we do. But during our breaks, often times a nerdish wonk playfulness appears. I sided with the computers, of course. We are personal assistants working with code to make platforms for computers such as Salesforce customized to a business's needs. So was my defense. I love it here since they appreciate people who think outside of the box, like working in a fast paced environment, and thrive when faced with challenging problems.